setting up infrequent appointment times

I am using Appt+ to set up a schedule for cast auditions for a show. So I only need to display two days, which will be a few months away at this point. I want to set up 20 slots each on Friday, Dec 14 and Sat, Dec 15. These days will not change. How can I set this up? I do NOT want to display any other days other than the two that we are booking auditions for. Thanks, Alan

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    Hi Fosterdv. Thanks for the reply. No, I have already set it up for just Fri and Sat. But I only want to have two days for the rest of this year as those are the only two days we're holding auditions. I'm getting every day this week instead. I added a screen shot so that you can see I have Fri and Saturdays set as Yes for Work, and nothing is showing up on the site side. But even if it did, I still only want to show a total of two days in December as when we are taking appointments. Any ideas are much appreciated. Thanks, Alan

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    I thought I understood what you were trying to do before, and didn't read through like I should have previously.

    But, I think you might actually want to actually put that you're not working any days, and then set up an exception for the days that you want, under the exceptions tab.

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    This didn't go through the first time I replied. I'll try again:
    I also tried to set up work days of m-f in a monthly view just to see if it works here:

    You can see at the bottom of the page that now there is a monthly calendar. And it does show a lot of green for open appointments. But when I click on the green, nothing happens. Shouldn't a form pop up at that point?

    In any case, I still have to figure out how to only show the two days, Dec 14 and 15 when we are holding auditions.

    Thanks again for looking into this. -Alan

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    Hiya @alan_bergstein

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums and @fosterdv for your help on this issue.

    If you just want to show up 2 days then the Appointments+ is not the right option for you. You should consider using Events + to achieve this.

    A+ plugin is specially designed to fulfill the needs of regular appointments and can not be used for Events like Auditions !

    Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.


  • alan_bergstein
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    Thank you for replying and also thanks back out to Fosterdv for helping also.

    I'm not sure that Events+ will do the trick, as I am trying to set up 40 audition slots over a two day period, where people will pick their time slot, and get a confirmation. Please let me know if you think E+ will do that. I don't see it in the documentation. It's really too bad that A+ could not be enhanced with a way to display a set period of time.

    Back to A+ for a minute, do you know why nothing happens when I click on a free appointment cell? Please see the screen shot.


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    Hey Alan,

    I am gonna look into Events+ to see how it can help you. it will require a couple of tests.

    To check what is going on with A+, can you please give me a link to the page where you see this behavior of no response when a slot is clicked ?


  • Tom Eagles
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    Hiya, just going through some of the older threads here.

    And I noticed that you're still waiting for a response, it looks like our system didn't notify @Hakan that you responded i will let them know you are still waiting for a response, sorry for the delay

    Cheers! Tom

  • Brian Purkiss
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    We hope you were able to resolve this. Since this thread has been inactive for some time I am going to go ahead and close the ticket. If you were unable to resolve it or have any further questions, please feel free to re-open the ticket – we are more than happy to help!

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