Setting Up Membership For My Needs


I got the individual plugin “Membership” yesterday and am trying to set it up but apparently I’m super dense at the moment cause I’m lost. I have watched Charlies video series a couple times and read the manual about 10 times.

So I’m trying to achieve what should be really simply setup. Visitors (Non Registered) should see all my sites content but not my bbpress forums page.

Free Registered users will also see ALL content, but this time the forum as well but be subjected to advertisements.

Premium members will see everything as well but NOT be subjected to any ads.

Now I’ve chosen paypal standard gateway, I’d like to offer Monthly non recurring, Monthly recurring, and Yearly recurring options.

Unfortunately Membership has so many settings that I’m overwhelmed and also a little confused about “Shortcodes” so where do I find “Shortcodes” and where to I put them? Like in pages thru Membership or do I navigate to my themes files and paste them there?

If someone could help me accomplish what I stated above I would really appreciate it. thanks.