Setting up membership pro and multisite

I have a domain (blissfulandfit) that has a membership system set up with membership pro. I have another domain and would like to set up multisite so that I can access both domains from one WP login. I would then also like to set up membership pro so that I have access to the back end of the membership set up on both domains through the multisite control. Is this possible? I have read that the current membership plans and set up will not transfer over to the new domain once I have activated membership pro to be set up for multisites. But, will I be able to duplicate those plans to the new domain with the membership pro and multisite set up?

  • Ash

    Hello Lottie

    If you use membership in a multisite, then you can use in two ways. But either way, it won't move memberships from one site to another subsite.

    The two ways are:
    1. You can use M2 pro in each susbites, then you have to configure M2 on each subsite. There is another way, you can try exporting from one subsite and import it another subsite. That may work.
    2. Otherwise, you can use the M2 in network level. I mean same configuration for all subsites and member will join from a global register page. To do so, you need to add the following line in wp-config.php:

    define( 'MS_PROTECT_NETWORK', true );

    Hope it helps! Please feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

    Have a nice day!


  • James Morris

    Hello Lottie,

    I'm afraid we're having a little trouble understanding the question you've asked.

    If Membership 2 Pro (M2P) is configured on a subsite level, you have to have a distinct registration page on each subsite and all memberships defined for that specific subsite will only affect that subsite. Memberships are completely independent for each subsite.

    When you go with this option, you cannot move membership enrollment for users from site to site unless you use the built in export/import functionality.

    If you configure M2P at the network level, all memberships are global - meaning they affect the entire network of subsites. You cannot control memberships for each subsite individually this way.

    If you are planning on controlling access for your entire network centrally, and you do not need to give subsite administrators control over memberships, this is the best option.

    I hope this clarifies a bit.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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