Setting up multiple redirect rules


I need to setup multiple redirect rules and couldn’t find a clear instruction here or elsewhere.

1/Recently, I placed the following redirects.

RewriteRule ^subsite2/(.*) ^/$1? [R,L]
RewriteRule ^blog/(.*) ^/$1? [R,L]

2/Now, I want to add a new rule to redirect the uploads from subsite2 to the main site.

Since WordPress is installed in its own directory, the image urls of the main site are (Should it be like that?)

Therefore, I need to redirect images urls from subsite2 to the main site.

I think I can use this to do that:

RewriteRule ^subsite2/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/(.*) ^subdirectory/wp-content/uploads/$1? [R,L]

However, that would conflict with the RewriteRule above (on number 1) which redirect all urls preceeded by /subsite2/. Right?

How can I setup multipl rules?

To redirect:

domain.comsubsite2/yyyy/mm/dd/post-name/ to…. to…`

Thanks in advance.