Setting up multiple (vanity) domains w/ multisite (preferably with WHMCS auto-provisioning)


I have found quite a few posts about multisite + domain mapping, but none of them seem to address my situation specifically (perhaps I missed something?)

I have a single website ( on one of my company's dedicated servers, and my customers need to use their own domains... (i.e.,,,, etc. etc.).

Basic setup:
- WHMCS (located at + cPanel.
- Wordpress is installed on the same server, configured for a multisite installation
- The WHMCS plugin is installed and configured per wpmudev instructions.
- These are installed:
1.) Domain Mapping plugin
2.) Pro Sites
3.) WHMCS Multisite Provisioning
4.) WHMCS Wordpress Integration

Note: I'm using a temporary domain for testing (

The current problem:
The automatic provisioning sets up the domain like this: http://netspeedia.comenjoylife
which doesn't work for obvious reasons.

How can I get Wordpress MU to work with custom domain names? I have 113 websites to build on top of a single WP install (for a single client) That's the main reason I decided to set things up with WPMU, but I also have other clients ready to sign up (if and when I can get this working).

This is the ideal workflow:
1.) customer signs up via WHMCS and makes payment
2.) wordpress makes the necessary provisions (creating the additional site in MU, and doing whatever "mapping tricks" to allow the custom URL to work with the installation)
3.) customer (or myself) changes the NS entries to ns1/, then we simply wait for propagation.

What do you think? This is doable? Or am I missing something? :slight_smile: