Setting Up Multisite

I am trying to setup multisite, using as the primary site.
I updated the DNS for all domains, added them into my C-Panel, but I DID NOT install WordPress on each of them.
Next I went to, to add new sites.
They all installed under:
But when I go to check the sites that are installed, none of them appear.
And when one page came up, the domain name had the path:"" instead of "".
I dont want them to look like that.
The sites added are:

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Can you help? I have so many hours into this already and cant figure out what i am doing.

  • splaquet
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    If you're using add-on domains, you'll need to point them to your root folder. By default, cPanel would like to create a subfolder for each add-on domain.

    For each add-on, update the redirection like this...

    From this:

    To this:

    That should do it for ya.

    • Kim
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      Thank you.

      When in WP Multisite, I thought the path directory wasn't correct, but I followed the default prompts anyways. So thanks for confirming it, so I did add them incorrectly.

      Since I didn't see any other options and couldnt find a way to change it, I tried the default anyways.

      1) How about I start over, should I delete it and start clean?

      2) After I point my domain to the DNS, I need to go to the C-Panel.
      Should I add domain? or add subdomain?

      3) Will I need to install WordPress too?

      4) Does Multisite save server space by eliminating duplicate files?

      5) Can I have more than one multi-site on the same hosting server (I think yes, why would it even matter to them.)

      Let me take a look again.

  • splaquet
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    unless you really messed up your WP MultiSite install, trying to figure it out and changing this and that... your install should be totally fine. it's a server/apache setting that needed to be tweaked.

    essentially, your WP install lives in /public_html. if you're addon domain was looking into any other server folder other than /public_html, you're most likely going to have an empty folder w/o any files in it... thus, the blank page (or 500 error, etc)

    you can have as many MultiSite installs on the same server as you'd like (and even same account, for that matter). The limitation is that you'll need a dedicated IP address on a multisite if you're going to map domains to it. It's that IP address that allows the DNS/Apache -> Internet to recognize where to look for the mapped website. So, if you had 2 multisite installs, you might have some cross over and the DNS might get confused. To be honest, I couldn't tell you if it'd work or not, but you'd most likely bump into issues if you did manage to get it working.

    you just made me think of this... if you're on shared hosting and, more specifically, if you're on a shared IP address, you're most likely not going to be able to set up multisite with mapped domains. again, you might be able to get it working, but it most likely wouldn't be reliable.

    • Kim
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      Wow, I really appreciate your follow up. You really gave me a better understanding of this. I never would have thought of IP address/apache settings, etc.
      Thanks because your explanation was easy to understand!
      I am on shared hosting with Siteground. I remember when I set up multisite a few years ago, I wanted to separate my sites into 2 or 3 categories. Each would use the same themes and assets so I can share them and not have to waste hosting space uploading to each website individually. They said it couldnt be done, I was skeptical. Then opened up hosting somewhere else to organize my websites. this lefts me with hosting and sites all over the place and I couldnt keep track of it all. But anything other than shared hosting is expensive.

      I only want to set up website to use as examples for potential jobs or a portfolio of my content. so I am trying to organize it a bit.

      I also thought WP just installs the multisite functionality all the time now, and it's not a choice I have to make when installing WP. When I use softalicious, its a choice to "enable multisite". So I feel like I am stuck until I know what my plan is, then my entire idea is put on hold.

      Anyways, appreciate it lots. I'm glad I found WPMUD! I'm still new, I will have to learn the "point" system. Ha thanks.

    • Kim
      • New Recruit

      Hi Predrag,

      I was going to install a subdirectory. Because each site is unique from each other.

      Yes, splaquet explained it very well, in laymans terms easy for me to understand. I found his response super helpful.

      You were very helpful too! thanks a million.

  • splaquet
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    Kim ,

    Just my .02... I'm not familiar with the Softaculous Multisite installer, but I'd most certainly recommend thing through the motions of a manual install. The reason why I say that is mostly due to the unique specifics that goes into each multisite that I've installed. I've done some in subfolders, some living in public_html/ subfolders & permalinked to public_html, and the various subdomain builds as well.

    I can understand if it's a bit overwhelming for your first few times, but I've learned so much out of the experience. And... my installs are exactly how I want them! As an example, it wasn't all too long ago when it was highly recommended to not install multisite in a /subfolder, but only the root. After my experiences, it's totally reliable. BUT, that doesn't mean that all setup scripts can assume the same.

    Also worth noting, you can most likely add-on a dedicated IP address to your shared hosting account. It should be as simple as purchasing one through their billing portal, but might take a phone call if you're not seeing the option available there.

  • Kim
    • New Recruit

    Thanks for the .02, that was good! I give my 2 cents all the time. lol

    I think you are right. In fact, I've been on the fence with this multisite thing since I started. When I did this a few years ago, it was a mess. Keep in mind, this is all a hobby and I am making more work for myself. Also - I think I was mixing up the directory vs. sub domain in my original inquiry.
    Good to know on the ip address. never knew that!

    You have been a huge help - kudos, high five, virtual points, etc for you. If i can give point (when i figure out how) I will!

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