Setting Up Multisite as Subdomain AFTER Psek has already installed

I am confused/baffled/in need of guidance.

I have a fresh install of multisite from Psek. I asked them to set it up as subdomains instead of subdirectories. They said they couldn't do that:

"We do not provide wordpress configuration service so regarding this you should better contact your site developers or wordpress community."

So I come over here, look at the manual, and see that I was supposed to tell Psek to do a Wildcard DNS before the install. Except, on several DIFFERENT occasions, they emailed me and said they couldn't/wouldn't help with this.

So now I'm stumped--can anyone guide me through the exact next steps to setting this site up with subdomains? I want to be able to use the domain mapping plugin, and I was told that it would not work with subdirectories--only subdomains (which is why I'm pursuing this so doggedly.)

Any help is much appreciated!


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    Hi Tracie,

    Yes, don't you love how unhelpful some folks like to be? To your question, though, I'm not familiar with that host, but have you tried to make the wildcard subdomain yourself? That is, rather than asking for help to do this, it may be possible that you can just go to the Subdomain section of your cPanel and create your own wildcard subdomain.

    Basically, if it's possible, and it is for hosts like Bluehost and Hostgator, instead of creating a subdomain with a text name, you would just add an asterisk (*). If the cPanel goes thru the normal subdomain creation, you're probably good to go. To test this, you could create with some made up subdomain name followed by, as in If you see that wordpress is trying to create this new subdomain, then your wildcard is working.

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