Setting up my network


Newbie here. A couple of weeks ago I set up a path-based WP multisite network on my Mac. I’m having some issues with my browser not rendering the php files at the moment but that’s not why I’m writing. I need advice on how to effectively structure my networks and, I guess, workflow.

My plan is to develop my main blog site locally using MAMP and then to export updates to my server. Additionally, my father has asked me for help with his business website (the blind leading the blind) which I guess I can develop “live” as a subdirectory on my server where he can view it and agree changes before exporting it to his server (can this be done?). Finally, I am hoping to develop further business sites for myself. These I would develop as subdirectories locally. I guess my main issue is with my father’s website. Should I be developing it “live” since other people may see it? Most importantly, is there an easier, more effective way of structuring my network and my father’s website (eg. network mapping?)?

Thank you for your help and apologies for such a basic question.