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Ok, so I have Blog Templates setup on my domain I have also installed Pro Sites and I understand how it works to get current users to upgrade. But, how would I go about setting up a page on my live site for a new user to sign up for a new site and choose which package or level they want. Is there also a way for them to choose their subdomain ex. my


  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hey Chris,

    Welcome to the forums.

    Pro sites adds an option to add a site when the user signs up via the /wp-signup.php page. If you direct users here they can select the option to get a site rather than just setup a username. The next step in this process lets them choose their subdomain, assuming it is still available.

    You can either ask the user at this point if they want to upgrade (using the option in the settings) or let them sign up to a free site then leave it to them to upgrade using the My Account page provided by the plugin.

  • Christopher
    • The Bug Hunter

    I guess I must be missing something. I have search the community and have not been able to find answers. Is there any more documentation on how to get this setup, other than the usage tab?

    I have been able to signup a new user through wp-signup.php, but it just gives them access to admin with no privileges.

    What I would like is to simply to have a new user sign up, by paying for a Basic Account with a free 10 day trial, and then be issued the default blog I have setup within Blog Templates with the Editor roles I have established with Role Scoper.


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