Setting Up Photo Albums & Comments

Hi! I bough this plugin so as to be able to delete my 3 other FB plugins, so far i haven’t been able to do that. When the other Facebook Comments app is unactivated, there are still no options for Facebook comments when using the app no matter how much i tinker with the settings. Could i have some help here?

But the main reason i wanted this plugin is so that i could upload pictures to an album on my Facebook band page an then have that album and pictures show up on my wordpress site automatically and people can go through them on my site and comment.

The pictures short code has yet to work on a page. What shortcode would i need to write so that on one page there are a selection of my Band Page albums with one Cover Photo and the name of the album for each, and then when clicked on go to another page where they are all thumbnails and when clicked on can be thumbed through?

Thank you for your time!