Setting up PPV Videos

We have an on-demand stream site and we work with Streamhoster. We have a payment gateway system that is cumbersome and messy at the moment.

Our site is big, my developer quit on us and left a mess behind. My point being, I have a huge project on my hands and I'm an intermediate developer myself. I need to make sure that this plug in will work for us.

We use Stripe, not paypal. We do not use Youtube or Vimeo to stream videos, only Streamhoster. We need people to pay, then have access to their videos for a specific amount of time. Some products will be available for different amounts of time and for different prices. (and I would prefer they have a subscription list and not an email with links in it)

What do you think? Is this plug in right for us? Our site is I'm getting ready to redesign the whole thing as we have outgrown our theme.

Any help will be very appreciated. Thank you for your time.