setting up pro site

Is there any way to setup pro site with more then one sales channel. Each sales channel was different options and a different progression of options?

i have a it setup for a single sales channel but i can not find a way to add more sales channels

  • cliffhoelz
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    ok for amnpress i have one sales channel that targets news reports, so the progress from report to a news channel and then a new room and so on. the features increase as does the price.

    now i want another sales channel that is for columnist. this sales channel starts with different set of options and builds in features and prices as you go up the sales chain.

    so you could think of it like this for each category of site could have there own sales chain. this way you can target the needs of the user.

  • cliffhoelz
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    if in pro site you could pick the level progression instead of assuming it that would be a solid solution.

    all you would need to do is have each level indicate the level it is starting from, and a base level that is blank is entry level.

  • cliffhoelz
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    i am using membership in the main buddypress site.

    so what you are saying is i can choice what plugins to use for each level.

    if i go to the Premium Themes in pro-sit each template only has one drop down. the same is true for Premium Plugins.

    please show me a way i can have level 1 get a template or plugin and not provided it to level 2, 3, or 4.

    if there is truly a way to provided the plugins and templates for each level as a unique thing that would also work for my needs.


    a plugin is available for level 1 and 2 but not available for level 3 and 4
    a template is available for level 1 but not available in 2, 3, or 4

    define Post/Page Quotas for each level or Limit Publishing for each level.

    if there is a way of doing this i am gold. please point me in the proper direction.

  • aecnu
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    Greetings cliffhoelz,

    Sorry for the delay in a reply on this ticket.

    I do not know what @Arun Basil Lal had in mind is anything concerning a solution to your original question.

    Therefore I have messaged him to see if he can enlighten us as to what he had in mind.

    Thank you for your patience regarding this matter.

    Cheers, Joe

  • 3SixtyEvolve
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    Hi @cliffhoelz

    Apologies for waiting so long. It seems that Joe's post might have been overlooked since it's been posted a while ago, so I will go ahead and ask @Arun Basil Lal to quickly check in to provide some feedback on your latest post.

    Again, thank you for bearing with us. We appreciate it!

    Have a good day!


  • cliffhoelz
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    I have not been able to figure a way to setup the pro site to my needs yet.

    The long and the short there is only one upgrade path and that is what is my problem.

    if you could assign the parent for each child. then assign the plugins, themes, ext from that parent to this child this problem would not be there. currently there is now way to override the default parent.

    If I can not figure a way around this issue i will be changing the code in order to get this to work. this is a show stopper for me. my setup and development are on hold until i can find a way around this issue.

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