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Okay I know this is outside the scope of most questions here but for those of us looking to become the next edublogs style site in our particular niche, is there any advice on the business side of things? Any legal considerations such as type of lawyer to work with or strategy that goes beyond just technical know how of the product? There are many resources out there to build a small business but any for this type of model? Thanks.

  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi James,

    I work very closely with Edublogs and, although I'm not exactly management, from what I've seen the legal side of things is fairly straight forward.

    As with any online business, make your terms clear, stick to them and offer great customer service that keeps everyone happy. For a business that will be hosting sites for other people, you will need strict guidelines on allowed and disallowed content, and, very importantly, the use of copyrighted material (people have a tendency to believe that anything they find on Google can be legally swiped and put on their own site). Edublogs have a very strict approach toward copyright. There is a DMCA report form where copyright owners can report any instance of suspected copyright theft. Edublogs act on these quickly and efficiently, taking down the sites. Although you aren't sharing the content yourself, the fact that you are hosting it holds you partially responsible.

    Legally, that's about all I can think of! Edublogs is not a special case as far as business model goes.... just keep a straight head and always put customer service first and you'll be good to go.

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