Setting up Profile similar to WPMU Dev?

Hey there,

I was wondering whether it was possible to set up the user profile’s on my Multi-Site Network similar to what WPMU DEV has here (

Many of those things on that page however are not suitable for my site – I would however like to try and get everything that is on the ‘blue’ background:

– Details/Change Settings/Avatar etc

– Your Recent Activity

– Your Reputation

– Your Membership Details (with all of the payment details etc)

And then I’d like to have (instead of the stuff on the white background)

– Products (for the products I sell)

– Courses (using the course plugin from here with a list of courses the member may be registered in);

– Community (but just getting information from our General Community Board)

– Support (once again using the support system plugin from this site);

Can someone please assist me in setting this up – I guess looking at that as I type I guess I really want it exactly the same just instead of plugins/themes have it replaced with Products and Courses.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello again @brendon,

    This “profile” is completely custom-coded and depends heavily on the theme and plugins that you’re using!

    I’m afraid this will have to be custom-coded to match your own site… If you’re not comfortable doing that yourself in PHP, then please feel free to create a new post in our Jobs Board on so that a skilled developer can do that for you.



  • Brendon
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks again @aristath – I keep meaning to go to bed (now 3am) but find new stuff to play with.

    Do you, or anyone else browsing these boards know how to add a .png user ‘ribbon’ to a users avatar.

    For example I am creating my usergroups using the membership plugin here – and for a certain site, to help people stand out, we have user ribbons created saying: Newbie, Guru, Expert, etc

    For that site we would like for when a user signs up they can opt for a free account, or upgrade to one of the other accounts and the user ribbon to appear on their avatar (without covering too much of it) to display their ‘rank’ amongst that website?

    If not I will go and find a skilled developer just thought I’d ask while I was installing the plugins one at a time :slight_smile:



  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello again!

    You mean you want to display a message depending on the user’s membership?

    If this is what you want, then you could use one of these functions inside a conditional:






    if (current_user_on_subscription( 3 ) ) {
    _e( 'This is my message', 'my-plugin' );

    I hope that helps!



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