Setting up Profile similar to WPMU Dev?

Hey there,

I was wondering whether it was possible to set up the user profile’s on my Multi-Site Network similar to what WPMU DEV has here (

Many of those things on that page however are not suitable for my site – I would however like to try and get everything that is on the ‘blue’ background:

– Details/Change Settings/Avatar etc

– Your Recent Activity

– Your Reputation

– Your Membership Details (with all of the payment details etc)

And then I’d like to have (instead of the stuff on the white background)

– Products (for the products I sell)

– Courses (using the course plugin from here with a list of courses the member may be registered in);

– Community (but just getting information from our General Community Board)

– Support (once again using the support system plugin from this site);

Can someone please assist me in setting this up – I guess looking at that as I type I guess I really want it exactly the same just instead of plugins/themes have it replaced with Products and Courses.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.