Setting up the access levels and subscription plan for membership plugin, as well as paypal

I am in the midst of creating a Dental Consulting service, and I purchased your plug in so I could have a drip campaign using paypal. I am having a lot of trouble getting it set up.

I was told that you have great customer support, so I am hoping y'all can help me.

Basically, I need to have 1 campaign with weeks 2-48, that will allow them to see 1 video each week.

I am pretty lost on how to get the registration page going, as well as getting the videos to be synched up 1 per week.

I really need guided assistance. Thank you

  • Vaughan

    Hi @thomas,

    You need to create an access level for each week.

    So I would create your access levels like;

    Week 1 (this is the first week access & the initial access level)
    Week 2
    Week 3 & so on.

    So then on your video page.

    You can either restrict a specific page in the access level rules for each week.

    or in content you can surround your content/videos with

    your video
    your week 3 video

    Now in your subscription plan, you add each access level to the plan with a finite length of 7 days.

    It explains this in the PDF manual which you can find on the usage page here.

    Be aware though, there is currently a bug in the plugin which prevents dripped content from actually working properly due to an issue in the subscription plans which makes it impossible to add stacked finite plans. We are working to fix this soon.

    Hope this helps

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