Setting up the network, best way to do it and which plugins to use

Hello and first let me say thank you for being around and it feels great to have joined. We are quite new to Wordpress and maybe we use terms that are not “standard” but we hope that we clarify our needs in a understandable way.

We are launching our network within a weeks time and need help in choosing the best way forwards as well as which Wpmu plugins to install to accomplish what we need.

Here is explanation accompanying the pdf attached:

1. This is the networks complete site where new articles and products will be posted continuously. Let us call this the Mother site.

2. This is a site that will be 95% identical to Mother. Let us call this site First95 (not yet done).

3. These clones/copies are 100% identical to First95, let us call them Rest95

So we will continuously publish new articles and add new products to Mother.
These products and articles must also be published on all sites in the network. We thought to create First95 so that we would have a site from which to clone/copy all Rest95 sites (maybe up to 100 sites or more). As far as we can understand this, but maybe we are wrong and you can guide us to a better solution, if we do not create First95 we would have to do much modifications on each Rest95 site if we used Mother to clone/copy from.

Each Rest95 that we clone/copy from First95 will be used by a person who will be able to write articles that will be published ONLY to their Rest95 site. Also we will have to manually be able to change some things in each Rest95 (links in webshop that need to be specific for every Rest95 site).

Hopefully we have made ourselves clear here and would like to use as few WPMU plugins as possible to accomplice this.

You can use this link to see Mother since we are still in Maintenance Mode.

Thank you

Roger Haden