Setting up Ultimate Facebook plugin with Multisite -- QUESTIONS

Hi guys,

I've got a few questions about the UF plugin, since the directions are not clear.

I'm running the WordPress Multisite 3.1.3 and UF (latest versions of both).

1. Since I'm on multisite, do I HAVE TO network activate the plugin in order to use all of its features, or can I just activate it blog-by-blog?

(Some of our clients do not want the Facebook stuff.)

2. Do I need to create a separate Facebook application for each sub-blog, or only for the main blog?

3. The instructions say this:

For WordPress Multisite installs... Access to Facebook Connect registration is only shown in the Network Administrator Dashboard.

However, I'm getting the FB Connect reg stuff showing in the subblog site admin dashboard (in addition to the network admin dashboard).

4. I can't get Facebook comments to work. Here's an example sub-blog post. Note that there's no FB comments.

5. In the plugin settings, under FB comments, there's an option to use Facebook comments instead of, or in addition to, regular WordPress comments, but as you can see from the blog post linked above, this isn't working for me.