Setting up ultimate facebook to be used network wide

I am running multisite with buddypress and am looking to set up the ultimate facebook plugin using only the main blog. So the main blog would create the facebook app to be used on all childsites. None of my child sites would have to create a facebook app or configure any settings. I was told this was possible, but am now lost on how to set it up. And how do I set it up so their posts get published to their facebook profiles?

Here's what I was told regarding using the plugin in this way: "it should be possible to use the plugin's network settings and configure the Facebook App there, to be used across network"

  • Paul Barthmaier
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    Hi there and welcome to the WPMU DEV Community for WordPress Support!

    So you set up your app. What happened when you set up Ult FB as a network-activated plugin? I reckon that if you are logged in to Facebook and you log in to the site using the plugin, it will look at your FB profile. And the same will happen if someone else does the same!


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  • myladeybugg
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    @Paul Barthmaier Thanks, looks like I may have gotten it working, but I do have a couple questions.

    1. Is there a way I can make the checkbox to publish posts to facebook checked by default?

    2. I notice it remembers the first facebook user that connected through the fb app. Even if I logout of facebook and login to facebook using a different fb account WP still remembers the original fb account that connected and posts to that wall. There is no way to reconnect with the new user. Is there a way to reset this?

    3. Can I move the publish posts to facebook widget that is on the add new post page to the side instead of below the new post?

    I am looking to make these changes across the whole network.

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