Setting up via phpMyAdmin

Select "Go"

You should now see loads of tables where there used to be only one or two.

One final step is to make sure you have assigned a username and password to be associated with each database. This could be the same as your username and password for the original WordPress database. It's up to you, just make sure that there IS a username and password associated with each one and note what it is. You'll need this information for the next step.

I followed the instructions pressing go. I now have 16 db's listed in my php plus the original startup db to launch wordpress, how do you set the user names and passwords for the 16 new. Is this something that should have been done before running the script? Also when I click on any of the new db's while in myphp, it tells me that there are no tables created, is this correct?

Also when I go back to cpanel mysygl db's only the original db that I created to launch worpress is seen. Is there a problem houston? I don't want to go any further until I'm certain I'm still going in the right direction.

How do I undo the db's and try again if I missed something.

Thank you

  • twicealive

    Hi Larry_D,

    It sounds like you are using shared hosting? In many cases shared hosting providers do not give complete access to all the mysql functionality in the control panel.

    If this is the case for you, my idea would be to contact your hosting provider and ask them to associate your databases with your account and assign a user to them. If you choose this route, be sure to give them the database "User Name and Password Information" for the one you wish to assign so that they can complete this task for you.

    The other option is to go to your cpanel and create new databases one at a time, which is pretty fast since your'e not creating 256+ db's... But then you still have the other 16 db's on the server and you should request that your host delete them for you.

    And yes, it is correct that you have no tables created in the newly created db's.


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