Settings and Payment Confusion


I am excited to get the plugin functioning. But a few roadblocks/questions. Here is the scenario. There is only one page that we will require payment to view content. This page can be seen here: I have set up using the Paypal API required info in the dashboard.

There are two different payment options we want to offer:

1.) pay one time to view content one time ($5.00)

2.) pay a different amount to view content for 30 days (re-occurring) ($97.00 for 30 day access)

Attached are my settings…

1.) When I log out and click on access one time for $5.00 and go to Paypal to test… there is not a $5.00 charge.

2.) The re-occurring payment option states the visitor needs to register – when and how does this happen? Right now they are directed to Paypal and aren't registered? This is confusing…

Another question so I understand:

What is the difference between the PPV settings on the right hand side of the editor and the settings on the icon above the editor?