settings for affiliates plugins

was wondering how does one edit settings for the different plugins for affiliates, when i go to affiliates and then settings, i see only price info to set for pro-sites(supporters)

i activated the addons for marketpress, directory and membership

i went under both global settings for marketpress and under the subsite which affiliates is enabled and do not see any settings for commissions other than pro-sites.

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings tfbc,

    Thank you for this great question and a significant item to bring up.

    The affiliate settings items are specific to each plugin, while logged into the network admin or site admin depending on the application:

    Pro Sites --> logged into the network admin go to Affiliates --> Settings --> Affiliates Settings tab

    Market Press --> logged into the site admin dashboard go to Products --> Store Settings --> Payments --> Affiliate Settings section

    Directory --> I cannot for the life of me find it and I found out why: Long story short --> it does not work well in MultiSite installations - yet

    Membership -- > You need to download and install the integration plugin available from here -

    Installation instructions are here -

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • aecnu
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    Greetings tfbc,

    I am revisiting this ticket and marking it as not resolved because I could not follow the instruction for the affiliate portion of Membership and get it working.

    Therefore I will get back to this ticket shortly with an answer and I did not want you pulling your hair out trying to figure this out like I have been doing for the last hour.

    Cheers, Joe

  • tfbc
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    thank you, found it under marketpress, curious about 1 thing with this it says:

    You can set the global commision amount paid to affiliates for referred purchases below. Set it to 0 for no payments.

    does this mean when i enter a % here its going to require me to pay them even if its not my own items being sold?
    like if a member sets up their own blog/site, sets up their own store and sells an item, am i going to be required to pay that commission?

    thanks for the clarification

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    Just to update here, the process has changed when it comes to Membership and the Affiliates Module. You do NOT need the product linked to above. Everything is built into the plugins.

    When both plugins are installed and the Membership add-on in Affiliates is activated you'll find the ability to set the affiliate amount when your setting up (or editing) any subscription.

    Hope this helps. Thanks!

  • aecnu
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    Greetings @Mason,

    I still do not get this and have extensively went through all the membership settings of the site, the add-on is activated, and I even tried creating a new subscription and nowhere do I find a commission spot or place to put an amount to pay an affiliate. What/where am I missing this ... lol?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • tfbc
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    thank you, i have 1 more question, is there any shortcode, or frontend user link i could use to add for subscribers to opt in and manage their affiliate account info, so they do not have to go in via dashboard >> Profile >> Affiliate area

  • tfbc
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    i actually figured it out, there were some shortcodes, i created a page called affiliates, made a menu link for members to click it

    there it allows them to opt in and shows all their stats etc.

    in the page i added the following shortcodes excluding their explanations
    [affiliatelogincheck] – place this at the top of the page that you are planning on using the rest of the shortcodes on and it will display a login message if the user isn’t logged in.
    [affiliateuserdetails] – mirrors the affiliate details form from the admin area (yellow box)
    [affiliatestatstable] – mirrors the large click statistics table
    [affiliatevisitstable] – mirrors the referrers this month table
    [affiliatetopvisitstable] – mirrors the top referrers table
    [affiliatestatschart] – mirrors the main statistics charts
    [affiliatevisitschart] – mirrors the referrers charts


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