Settings for pay with a Like. how to get only a share button....

Hi !!!

Trying to get it working...

How can I define it in a way that customers would be able to open protected content with a facebook "Share",

And how can I get that only share option is available for facebook?



    Adam Czajczyk

    Hey mpress,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    To disable all social networks except Facebook, please go this page of your dashboard:

    "Pay With a Like" -> "Social Buttons" -> "Social Buttons" tab

    and uncheck the "Visible" box for Linkedin, Twitter and Google+1.

    Next step would be to switch to the "Facebook" tab of the same page and changing the "Include Share Button" option to "Yes".

    This is however as far as we can go without serious plugin's code customization. It will let you disable all other social buttons except Facebook and show a "Share" button but user will still be required to "Like" the page to unlock the content.

    Further change would most likely require a custom job so you may want to post a question at our "Jobs and Pros" job board (no WPMU DEV staff there!):

    That said, I've also asked the developer if it's possible to easily override this and hopefully he'll give me a helping hand here so please keep an eye on this thread for further information. Please note though, that the developer's response time might be a bit longer than mine here on support forum.

    Have a nice day!