Setup a closed store that only Employees of a company can access.

Hi, I am a new member and excited about all the stuff you offer.

I have an e-commerce project that I am looking at using your MarketPress product for, but am not sure if it will handle a couple key features I need. I need the ability to have the store closed so it can only be accessed by employees of a company. The caveat is that they want a co-branded landing page that has a login or passcode that would then give them access to the store. After they enter the passcode or login and password it would allow them to shop, register with their email, and checkout like normal.

The second feature I need is the ability for them to upload a small graphic (.gif or .jpg) for a logo that would be applied to a shirt, golf ball, or other products. Where Charlie talks about the special instructions in the video tutorial on the shipping checkout page would be ideal spot, but I wasn't sure if this would be something easy to do.

I am not the best with php programming, but am pretty solid with html and css skills.

Let me know if this is feasible with your product.

Devin Sanson