Setup for marketpress, membership pro 2, and pro sites one paypal gateway

Each of the plugins have a setup for payment gateway. All have a different IPN. I do not see a setting to allow all 3 to process payments in the same multisite with the same account. I don't have any recent experience with the current paypal services for checkout and would like to know if you have any guidance?

  • Nastia

    Hello wpmudevorg24

    I hope you are doing well today!

    You can use the same PayPal account with these three plugins: Memebrship 2, Pro Site and MarketPress.

    The MarketPress plugin uses the following PayPal gateways:
    - PayPal Chained Payments
    - PayPal Payflow Pro
    - PayPal Express Checkout

    The Membership 2:
    - PayPal Standard Gateway
    - PayPal Single Gateway

    The Pro Sites uses the PayPal Express Checkout.

    Each plugin provides instructions on how to setup the gateway, for example, if you navigate to Pro Sites > Payment Gateways > PayPal Express/Pro tab, you will see instructions how to activate and set up the gateway.

    Similar instructions you will find on Membership 2 > Settings > General Payment Settings and inside the Store Settings > Payments.

    I'm afraid that only MarketPress and the Pro Sites only using the same PayPal gateway. Please note, that each gateway has it's own purpose, so using the same gateway with all the plugins might be not the best solution.

    The gateway you will choose to use it depends entirely from your site's needs.

    Would you please let us know for what payment method you are looking for so we could assist you?

    Please advise,


  • Lee

    Thank you for the break down on the plugin payment gateways.

    After reading this I think I will break out the plugins in this project like the following.

    two domains:,

    marketpress: paypal chained Payments for global cart
    Pro Sites: for owners to have stores use Paypal Express

    Pro Sites: for owners to have stores use Paypal Express
    membership pro 2: using Paypal Standard checkout

    Because of the Chained Payments I would need to use the above breakout is that correct?

  • Lee

    In the usage section of e-commerce (market press). This is why I said chained payments. Are you saying I can't do the following? I want a single global cart and charge a percentage of the profits.

    ---------------------- from your documentation --------------------------------------

    Way #2: Network activating MarketPress

    Have a single, global shopping cart, so visitors to your network can add items from any shop on the network, and check out in a single place
    Charge a percentage of the profits on a sale, via the PayPal Chained Payments gateway
    Control access to gateways & CSS themes inside of MarketPress

    ----------- end of document -------------------

    Do you have table of features for marketpress and which gateways?

  • Sajid

    Hi wpmudevorg24,
    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    I hope you don't mind me chipping in here and posting my suggestion. I think Nastia mean to say that you can use PayPal Express checkout for multiple shops on a network.

    However, if you want to run a global shopping cart and charge a commission then you can use the PayPal chained payment and set the percentage in network settings as seen in attached screenshot.

    Well, in your case, if I understand correctly you want single PayPal account for multiple plugins. This can be done but only thing you keep in mind that PayPal only accept one IPN URL for recurring payments. That's what my colleague Nastia were trying to explain.

    So, if you are using multiple PayPal payment gateway then you can use your one PayPal account but the limitation is that you can only one use PayPal account for one PayPal recurring payments gateway.

    So, here, if you want to use Pro Sites, that requires IPN URL to be configured on your PayPal account then you would not be able to use that same account for Membership 2 PayPal Standard Payment gateway. Because this gateway also require a different IPN URL to be configured on PayPal site.

    This issue were already reported in 2011 to PayPal but there is no accurate resolution to this issue:

    Hope I could explain it well. If you need any further assistance then please feel free to post a reply :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

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