Setup issues and problem for Scholar Theme

Hello, I am working to setup the Scholar theme but I am having the following problems.

Comment Section - if comments are turned off for a page then the Widget Columns move to bottom of content section and Comment Section shows as fat white line.

Site Message - I do not desire to use a site message but do wish to eliminate the empty space where it would be located - is it possible to remove it?

Page Headers - Can I turn them off ?

Can I remove the Categories drop down from Menu?

Widgets Display Strangely - How do I solve the following problems?

Sometimes widgets are pushed to bottom below content section of page.
If a 2nd Slider Widget is used it is pushed over into content section or sometime displays full width below content section.
3 col page left sidebar [ if comments are on ] Slider Widget is pushed to far left of webpage or [ if comments are off ] then it is pushed to bottom of page under the content section of the page.
Sometime Slider widget takes over center section of page and nothing else besides widget is displayed.
It is not always the Slider widget that causes these problems but it does display in a more unusual manner than other widgets.

I am having similar problems with the site as well. I choose the bluelounge site for you to look at because it has the fewest plugins and so no conflicts should arise for you on that site but the main site I need to get operational is the site.

If you need to see what is going on then the login creds for either site are as follows:


Thank you