Setup Membership website with stranger role, free membership role, and paid subscriptions

Hello. I am setting up a membership website that contains content for the following 3 roles:

#1) The stranger role for visitors to my site who are either not logged in, or do not have an active membership or subscription to my site.

#2) The free membership role for users who can provide some information, like email address and phone number, to get access to some content that the stranger role cannot see.

#3) Some paid subscription levels for users who will pay a yearly fee to access to exclusive content that neither the stranger role nor the free membership role will be able to see.

In your Membership plugin, on the Options > General tab, you state the following:

"If you have free user registration enabled on your site, select the subscription they will be assigned to initially. If you are using a paid subscription model - it is probably best to set this to "none"."

Based on this statement you make on your plugin, does that mean I will NOT be able to have a public role, a free membership role, and paid subscriptions on my site?

Thank you.