Setup Pay to Blog in Pro sites

Is there a way to set up the pay to blog option so that users take care of the transaction during registration? I would prefer it is handled while they are signing up, instead of locking the user out when they navigate to their site.

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    Hi! Are you using the membership plugin with Prosites? I have downloaded both but have not planning on using them until later next week. If there is no response to this by Tuesday morning, “EST USA” I will look into it for you. I am sure it will be answered by Monday afternoon. We have to be a little more patient on the weekends. Thanks Keith

  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    Sorry for the delay Keith It was morning nap time here the US
    I’ve learned that the hardest part of any development is finding the domain name you or a client would like. The nice thing is this step gets a person ready for compromise. The second hardest thing is convincing people that a website is more than words and clicks. Everyone thinks a text, button, and link gives them the next facebook. This is where planning comes in, so you are off to a really good start by researching your plugins. With that in mind; membership can create plain membership sites, and limit what content a person can view. You can set it up so a person cannot register without paying as well, just make sure you have a good sales pitch on the home page. I tested it with a website I built in a subdomain off of another site, just to play around with it. What I did was created the subdomain in my c-panel built the site, activated and setup the membership plugin, then gave my sales pitch on the other CMS I used in the main site, then linked it to the subdomain URL. I’ve been reading about the Pro sites plugin for my next project, I am very excited to get started with it, so I will be following you questions, and the answers the staff provide for you. Probably by then I will be looking to you for advice, so be sure to remember as you learn what they teach you. lol Thanks Keith!

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    The option in membership just limits the amount of blogs that can be created. I believe this may well be depreciated soon as well.

    With regards to Pro Sites, this is not currently possible, sorry.

    Pro Sites is a blog upgrade plugin and so it leave the whole signup process to WP currently.

    This is a popular request though so I'll move this over to the Feature Suggestion forums.

    Take care.

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