setup with MarketPress and the FrameMarket theme.

hello...getting setup with MarketPress and the FrameMarket theme. I'm building out a store where customers will purchase 'ad campaign' packages. I'm hoping the 'variations' will allow 'impression quantities' and 'pricing' per variation based on those quantities?

This store needs to require customers to upload several graphic assets, 'ad banners', after they have completed their purchase. What is the best way for me to manage this?

Also, how can I allow customers to login to their account to upload these assets, see their past purchases, and ideally reporting information on the campaign they have purchased?

Tnx ~mF

  • Vaughan


    thanks for posting.

    I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to do, but yes, you can have different prices for each variation, but there can be only 1 downloadable item. you can't upload a zip file unique to each variation. if that's what you are asking.

    unfortunately at this time, it doesn't support the ability for buyers to upload files or graphics after purchase. if i understand you correctly, i'll use a different analogy.

    take a clothing store selling printed t-shirts, you can have any graphic or custom graphic printed on it. so the seller requires that the buyer can send him the graphic which they want printing on the t-shirt.

    is that kinda what you are asking?

    if so, that is not possible. however you could have some text on the page saying, please enter a location to view/download the graphics. ie. a file location on a server, or photo site url etc and use the extra information field for them to enter the url.

    hope this helps.

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