Several issues with "Classifieds pages"

I just installed Classifieds and have some problems / queries concerning the automatically "produced" pages:

1. While viewers are not logged in, when they click on "Add Class.", "Edit...", "My...", (
the website dissappears except for the header. Is this normal? Shouldn't they rather be redirected to Sign-in?

2. The "Edit..." page is identical with "Add...", so it is not possible to edit an existing classified!

3. If someone answers to an ad, and presses the "send" button, an error-page is shown ("search was not successful"). The e-mail is sent correctly. Shouldn't they see a "Thank You" page or be redirected to somewhere else? Rather than initiating a search...?

4. How can I sort my categories in the "category tree" other than alphabetically? I have gone around the problem by adding numbers in front, but would prefer a better solution (order numbers for categories in backend?).

I'll have some more queries, but this will do for the moment :slight_smile:
Thanks and kind regards,