Several Issues with my WP Wikis

It's been 9 hours and still no reply to my other question about 'importing' doc and docx files into my wiki. I copied and pasted almost 600 seperate pages today, so 'importing' from a DOC or DOCX is no longer an issue.

HOWEVER, I have a few other issues.
1. Why do all my wiki entries display using only about 1/3rd of the page?
2. I added the WP Blog, and now the blog shows up as my HOME page, and there is NOTHING on the page to get to the wikis. The wikis were the primary reason I created this WP site and my organization paid for the premium subscription.
3. This site,, was created with WP, and I need to mimic the appearance of this site. Eventually all the work I did will migrate to that site. HOW do I mimic the appearance of that site without the admin privileges?

These are very important issues. My existing WP site is on a 'localhost'.