Several problems with new wpmu site


I'm using wpmu here :

I have no problems letting users make new blogs, but after that all the problems begins...

Would it be possible for a little amount of money to get some support, so one of you experienced guys would test in from one side to another... as it seems that when i correct one problem a new just pops up...

It started with the following file :


Located here :


it gave me the following errors :

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/clients/client1/web31/web/wp-content/mu-plugins/pickasite-2.php on line 171

At the page where you sign up....:

I had then removed the file :


From the mu-plugin directory and then it seems to work without problems....

So what is the correct thing to do ??

Besides that I have several other problems like seo... not working as expected....

Could someone please get in contact with me at easywebhost at easywebhost dot dk ??