Several Problens

I'm having many problens with Ultimate Facebook. In fact, it simply don't works. These are my issues:

1 - When I click on "grant permissions" in the settings page, nothing happens. None new window or popup box shows up. Earlier today, the loading icon just loads indefinitely, and the facebook it is never accessed.

2- When I click Login With Facebook, on the login page, the facebook authentication window it's open. But after make login on facebook, i'm not redirected to any other page. I stay in the login page. My facebook e-mail is not imported to my Wordpress site, and none new user is created for me. The only thing that appears to happens, is that the Profile Picture of my facebook profile overwrite my wordpress profile picture. Also my Wordpress Facebook App was added no my account settings>>apps on my facebook.

3 - On the signup page, I can fill the registration form with my Facebook credentials, but the site ask me over and over again, to inform a name for my new blog, even if I don't want one.

I'm using Wordpress 3.3 multisite and Ultimate Facebook 1.6

  • DavidM
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    Hi startrek,

    Since you're using the login with Facebook option with success, in that it's pulling the avatar from Facebook, it sounds like you've already got Extended Permissions granted. I think that may be why you're not seeing anything more when pressing the button.

    You could possibly check that by trying the auto-post to Facebook, but it does sound like the permissions have already been granted.

    As for the login, do you have the "Allow single-click registration" option ticked?


  • startrek
    • WPMU DEV Initiate


    You are right about the "grant permissions". The autopost tool it's working, but just for profiles and not for fan pages (the only option that appears in the Facebook Publishing Box in the edit post page, is the field to change the title.. But the login and signup problems are still there.

    "As for the login, do you have the "Allow single-click registration" option ticked?" Yes

  • DavidM
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    Thanks for confirming the permissions are working, glad that part's sorted!

    Just to clarify, the plugin won't create a new user if your email is the same as that used in Facebook. Instead, it'll associate your existing account with that Facebook account.

    As for login redirects, that would depend on whether you've specified a url to redirect to. Have you done that?


  • startrek
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I set the plugin to redirect to my homepage. Now, after the login it redirects correctly. By clicking on "login with facebook", the plugin will register you, if you don't have an account yet, but it does not log you in.

    Besides, on the signup page the plugin keep asking for your blog name over and over again. You need to inform a blog name, even if you don't want one. But after you signup, the newly created blog it's assigned to the network administrator and not for you.

    The most strange thing that happened until now in all this tests, is that when I try to login using my girlfriend's facebook, her profile picture was pulled to the network administrator profile!

    My facebook login email it's not on the network users list and I rescinded the permissions for my facebook app on my individual account.

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