Several questions because I can't get it to work the way I want to

Hi there, thanks for your help in advance. Here are my questions and remarks.

1 This is what I wanted: a free subscription and a subscription that would be rolled out over a four week period in 4 installments of a week. I wanted this subscription to cost €25,- in total to pay before starting the course.

2. I wanted to give the free subscribers an one time offer, but I don't seem to be able to use the buttons of the registration page independently of this page.

3. I set up the gateway Paypal Express. I disabled the free gateway, but when I tried the free subscription no button appeared in the third screen where you have to check your order. I can only get it to work (displaying a button on the third page) when I let people pay something.

4. As said above I wanted to have a subscription of 4 weeks paid in advance and moving people from one week to the next. When I enter the full amount of € 25 for week 1 and enter €0 for the following weeks I get the following message from Paypal: "Ongeldige tweede proefperiode. U moet geldige waarden opgeven voor de parameters A2, P2 en T2 voor een abonnement." = Invalid second trial period. You have to enter valid values for the parameters A2, P2 en T2 for a subscription". So now I entered an amount of €21 for week 1 and the remaining 3 week €1,-. Isn't there another solution to make it work like I want to?

5. I tried the coupon code, because that would be another option to make the course of €1 free by giving the subscribers a reduction of €1. There's no form displaying where I can enter my coupon code although I've got the coupon code form box checked!

5. When I wanted to see what would be on the subscription page I, as an administrator, got the following message:
You do not currently have any subscriptions in place. You can sign up for a new subscription by selecting one below.
So I went to the All Members page to add myself as administrator to a subscription, but that's not possible. I can add other users to a subscription but not myself, the administrator. So I made a dummy user and added it to one of the courses and then logged in as that dummy user to see what the subscription page looked like.

6. On the subscription page of the dummy the correct subscription is displayed. It also displays the message Upgrade to and the other course name and then in green Move to and the other course name, but again no button to click on. Even thought I've set upgrade and renew to 365 days.

7. When I then wanted to log out as this dummy user I couldn't find where and had to go to to do so. Is there another way to do this?

8. What if a user forgets his/her password? Is there another plugin that automatically can send them a new one?

I probably also have some more questions about remote pinging since I use Aweber, but I will have to digg a little deeper in my Aweber Labs account first.

Well thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon.