SharDB vs HyperDB vs MultiDB

I thought I’d start a discussion on these different types of “multiple databases”

Here is my comparison so far…


o Designed for Multisite!

o Split your DB into 16, 256, or 4096 databases!

o Spread them across multiple servers!

o Replication!

o Configurable Reading/Writing prioritization

o VIP partitioning


• Multiple VIP databases

• Migrate data to SharDB global or local tables

• Based on HyperDB

• Paid Install Guide on wpebooks

? HyperDB: replication, failover, load balancing, partitioning and more!

• Based on’s database code

• Replaces a few built-in database functions to create an advanced DB class

• Can connect to any number of DB servers upon inspecting the query

• Supports

o Replication: Read and write servers

o Configurable Reading/Writing prioritization

o Local and remote datacenters

o Private and public networks

o Tables spread across databases/hosts

o Smart post-write master reads

o Failover

o Advanced statistics for profiling

Do you know of any main differences I am leaving out, or another reason to choose one over the other?

Looking forward to an informative thread here

Please Share Your Experience and Opinions!

Thanks for the time and interest!