Share Taxonomies in all Multisite blogs


for my WPMU project i installed "Post Indexer" and "Custom Press", i created my post-type, taxonomy and custom-field from "Network Admin" for to share it with all sub-domain! So now i have my new "Post Custom Menu" in all Network (main blog+sub blogs)

I'd like to share post in all Network, especially in the main blog, this my situation, i have

"" the main blog
"" with his "Taxonomy01" (and categories "bar", "discotheque", ecc ecc)
"" with his "Taxonomy02" (and categories "clothes", "market", ecc ecc)
"" with his "Taxonomy03" (and categories "chemist", "beauty center", ecc ecc)

i'd like "" (and if possible also all sub-domains) might "read" all the categories and taxonomies (bar+disco+clothes ecc ecc.), for show contents in homepage based in "category"that i like ... is it possible??

In my "Post Custom Menu" from "" i created categories using taxonomy but i can't see theese categories from the "Post Custom Menu" of "main blog" ... what i should do?

I hope to be clear ...