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He all,

I am building a Facebook aplication for one of my clients and using Wordpress as a platform to do it.

I have integrated a Facebook Comments form. I want people to also share an image, or link in there (same as on the wall of Facebook) and that this automatically also will be posted on their Facebook wall. With the Facebook Comments Social Plugin this is not working.
Any other ideas? Plugins?

I thought about integrating a WP comments field in a WP page and that these comments are automatically shared through that Facebook account. Any ideas?


  • aristath
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    Hello there Jonathan, I hope you're well today!

    Using our Ultimate Facebook plugin you can use facebook comments instead of the default WordPress comment form.
    However, I don't think that facebook allows images etc on comments... Therefore it is not currently possible!
    Unfortunately I am not aware of a solution to this...
    I looked for a plugin that would automatically share a standard wordpress comment on facebook, but that's not possible either because facebook uses the URL to crawl a page and all posts on a post have the same url (that is the url of the post itself). I can't think of a way to do this... unless facebook decides to allow images etc on comments!


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