Shared data tables between main site and sub-domains

I am trying to share the datatables from my main site to sub-domains on my multi-site. I am using gravity forms for the input and gravity views for the display. So if an applicant applies on I would like the data to be available on the main site and other sub-domains like or I was told that all sites would need to use the same theme which would be fine.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello David,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I understand that you'd like the data submitted through one site to be available on other sub-sites of your network but I'm not quite sure how would you like to use it. Do you only want to display values of some form fields or do you need to "manipulate" that data somehow?

    Could you please elaborate a bit on this? An example case scenario would be also very helpful here.

    Looking forward for your replay,

  • David Westgate

    Hi Adam,
    I have my main site where people sign up and create their profiles through gravity forms. I am cloning the main site to create a sub-domain like to display profiles for individual states. When I clone the site all profiles display. I can filter the display through gravity view so it only shows for that state. The issue I am trying to resolve is the individual state sites do not get updated profiles. I can manually add new entries by exporting entries but that takes a lot of time. I have been researching the datatables and there seems to be 2 related to gravity forms, i2z _18 rg form and i2z_19 rg_form.

    I have all of the items selected in cloner settings. Is there anything that I should change? Where would I find the file path that is created when the site is cloned?


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello David!

    The number behind the "i2z_" prefix is an ID of the sub-site of your network. The Multisite WordPress does not create any "copies of WordPress" for each sub-site. Instead all the "core" files are the same and the database tables are replicated (differentiated by the number). That rule also applied to this question of yours:

    Where would I find the file path that is created when the site is cloned?

    That said, I've checked GravityForms + GravityViews install on my multisite test site. I created an example view and then cloned the site with Cloner. The "Views -> All Views" page of the dashboard of that cloned site shows up the same GravityViews view there as on source site so this would mean that it got copied. I'm not sure however if I went far enough with this.

    Would you mind helping me a bit more with replicating this issue. Assuming that I already have Gravity Forms, GravityViews and Cloner active on my Multisite could you please provide me with a simple step-by-step guide on what exactly should I do to replicate this? Some in style of "1. create new View, 2. Choose a View Type "Profiles"... and so on" would greatly help me follow your case and possibly fully replicate it on my setup.

    I'd then could further investigate the issue.

    Best regards,

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