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Hi I was wondering if there was a creative way to share forms across a WP multisite. I do not want to install network activate contact forms 7 and have to go and re-create 48 ( yes 48 subsites ) worth of forms and well, then have to find a way to work with these unique forms through a shared theme. In short. painful :slight_smile: I was hoping to be able to have my shared theme hold these 3 or 4 forms since all that really changes is the where they are sent to ( site admin wise ). Does this make sense, and any help would be appreciated.

  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    I know that Gravity forms has some kind of option for this.

    Setting this option allows you to specify a Form XML file from which a set of default forms can be pre-generated when a new site is created on your Multi-Site install.

    I think you create a form and then use some XML to auto create it on new sites.

    You'd need to ask them directly though as to how this works and if it would suit your scenario.

    It's under their "WP-Config Options" and "Advanced Configuration Options"

    If your sites are not setup yet then you could use something like New Blog Template, then it replicates a site you setup:

    It doesn't sync data though, so if the sites are already created this option won't be applicable.

    Hope this helps.

  • Mario
    • New Recruit

    Thanks Timothy, I was hoping to stay away from Gravity Forms cause I have had an issue in the 2.8 WP MU with them back in the day, and although they are a great package they have in the past told me that Multisite Wordpress was a focus, but not a strong one since the majority of their clientele was single install, and they were hoping Wordpress matures the Multisite concept to off a complete segregation of site. I know that it is headed there, but the interlinking is what sells WP Multisite, so I was left feeling like it was a pointing fingers exercise.

    Either way, the plugin you have recommended, can it create forms ID like copying Contact Form 7 db entries? I am guessing not. My thoughts are going to a more granular plugin like dbforms that has event triggers and stores the data from forms and so my template can hold the actual form ( since they are all the same ) with the exception of hidden fields for whom to send it to ( this would be handled by the shared theme and get_bloginfo()... It is still alot of work though, and was wondering if you knew of a better way.


  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Well there are other ones you can look like Formidable Pro and Ninja forms, they might have options for this.

    But as a real quick solution to this if contact 7 works then how about creating a real basic site in the multisite, i.e. blank theme to just display the form. Then use an iFrame on all sites which simply keep using the same form.

    It could be a solution, I'll be honest I'm not keen on that idea but thought I'd throw it out there.

    Either way, the plugin you have recommended, can it create forms ID like copying Contact Form 7 db entries? I am guessing not.

    You mean the New Blog Template?

    If so, basically you create a template site. Then when creating new sites, it will use that as a template, so everything is cloned over. But as I mentioned, there is no syncing after it's created.

    Take care.

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