Sharing Revenues via Software?

I’m in the process of setting up WPMU and three blogs as subdomains. One of my blogs will be co-developed with an associate.

Is there a software solution that, for a given blog, can track all revenues, store, ads, etc., from that blog and assign a split?

Of course this can be done via accounting software, but I was looking for something more automated, like the ability to make the associate a “super-affiliate”.


  • Brian Purkiss
    • Smushie Pies

    The best way to track revenue is through an accounting software. By having some sort of plugin that tracks all that, it’s essentially an accounting software plugin. You’re better off using a full fledged accounting software – there aren’t any accounting software plugins for that reason.

    However, there are ways to streamline the process. Depending on what accounting software you use it should be possible to have your store, etc to automatically put revenue info into your accounting software. Or at the very least a way for you to export that data and then input it into your accounting software.

    I hope that helps! If you need any further clarification, or if I did not properly answer your question, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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