sharing same "uploads" folder

Would it be possible using this plugin to allow all the sites to share not only the same uploads folder (which I know can be done on IIS 7.5 by simply creating an 'uploads' folder and mapping to each install) however, would like to allow ALL the sites to share the same contents of the upoads...

ex: uploads start.jpg and user now has start.jpg available to them,,,,

If not, would there be a possiblity or a "wishlist" for such a beast...

  • drmike

    I spent about 20 minutes looking for this last night and couldn;t find a thing.

    The problem I see is that the data for those images are saved within the post database table for each blog. They're not kept separate but mixed in with the regular content. You would have to share that and that would not be something that would be pretty.

    Two things do come to mind.

    - When someone uploads an image, loop through all of the blogs and add the image to each blog. I don;t think that would be pretty though. Would have to account for deletions, comments on those images, etc.

    - Say the heck with it, install a copy of gallery someone outside your mu/ms install, work in a bridge of some sort, and run it that way. Gallery would be a plus too because it provides copy and paste image links for your users. Not sure if it works on mu though.

    Hope this helps,

  • rgrone

    I only wish I had he database savvy to be able to develop something of that sorts.... what would be nice is something down the lines of a "slave" database that any site albeit, multisite or individual installs could share the same resource... it would cut down on the overhead significantly as well as, allow for compress applied to a single directory, slice or partition....

    I reached out to our site theme developer but he states it is out of his "scope" as well.... any db programmers out there?

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