Shipper estimated to take 2-4 hours while it took about 8 hours.

Upon starting Shipper yesterday, I got a warning that the site was very big. It was just 207 MB. It estimated to take 2-4 hours.

It took about 8 hours. How come it takes so long to move such a small site? Both servers had 100Mb I/O

I have signed off from my WPMUDEV Dashboard in the destination site so the Plugins can work better.

But it still shows this message in the admin when I go to any page or refresh it:

ERROR: Cannot create snapshot folder. Check that the parent folder is writable


I can’t upload files. Also permission problems. Seems Shipper made a huge mess.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Arjan,

    Shipper will upload your files to AWS servers and from there they are downloaded on your destination site, so if there are issues with connection speed the time can be delayed and different from the estimated ones.

    We are working on further improving Shipper in order to have faster migrations.

    As for the upload issues, in your Settings > Media panel you had custom uploads folder path set and since the folder structure is different on your new server the uploads weren’t working, same with backups.

    I have removed this custom path, tested file upload and Snapshot backup creation and both worked fine now so you should be good to go.

    Best regards,


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