Shipper migration time

Hi, I have start using Shipper, great tool, and idea is fantastic, but now at first migration I have website with 143MB size, now alreday is 1.5h, and it is not finished yet, if I do it manualy it take me maximum 10 minutes…

If I build client website with size of example 600MB, and migrate with Shipper, it will take all day, so is it possible I am doing something wrong, I think for website 150MB

by this technique in HUB it must be much much faster :slight_smile:

For me as developer Shipper is tool that can help me a lot, but please migration must be much faster…

Thanks :slight_smile:

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hey Ivan,

    Shipper can take a longer time due to the process it uses, basically, it was aimed at having the highest success rate which reflected in the speed of the process.

    We are working on further improving this to reduce the times and we’re also adding package migrations as an option which does add some manual work but it will cut the time required by a lot.

    We’re going to see this with 1.1 release as mentioned on our roadmap page here:

    Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, we do appreciate it :slight_smile:

    And since this question is related to our products I will move it in our Support Forum under Shipper so we have better overview of the feedback sent our way.

    Best regards,


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