Shipping Address / Billing Address

Hi Guys… i try to customise my shop without changing the core files of marketpress.


I am confused about my cart. When i visit the marketpress cart i only see the shipping address. How to show the billingaddress?


i know many people ask this before eg.

Sorry but for me it is not clear how to put a custom field in my shippingaddress and/or in my billingaddress.

I try to implement it in the function.php also in a pluginfile but it dont work for me.

my form should look like this:




company tax nr

street / nr




thank you.

  • Kimberly
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    Hello stephanboehme1

    Welcome to the WPMU DEV Community!

    Adding Custom Fields to your checkout is not very easy, as you have seen in the ticket you referenced it requires some developer knowledge. To quote the actual plugin developer:

    You could write a plugin that ties into the checkout form, checking the cart contents for your product. You’ll need some dev skills for that though.

    He goes on to list the hooks and actions needed for such a plugin.

    As for the billing address that is usually taken care of via the payment gateway that you choose.



  • Stephan
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    Hey Kimberly

    I use different payment Gateways. One of them is Manual payment.

    So if the Customer like to order a product in my store and will send it as a gift to some one else they need to put in a Billing Address and a Shipping Address. Also if a Employee like to order – billing address is home shipping address is office

    i can not figure out how it works. It doesn´t with Manual payment? Why? It is a normal e-commerce function.

    In Case of modify the Checkout Page…. Yes i have some Dev skills. All i wish to have (and other user also) is a short code snippet that add one more Field in the Checkout Page. All the other things i can do by myself.

    I really need this. Thank you


  • Kimberly
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    All i wish to have (and other user also) is a short code snippet that add one more Field in the Checkout Page

    It would be very nice if we could fix it with a simple code snippet, but that is not the case here, I am sorry. the checkout page is generated on the fly and you would need to find a way to save the information that you want to collect as well. It’s not a code snippet solution I am afraid. The developer was clear on this in the ticket you referenced.

    Digging a bit further I have found that a users billing information is saved in their Profile.php page.



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