Shipping address pulling from user profile?

MarketPress asks for Shipping address before checkout.

Can this address automatically be pulled from user's profile if this user already entered his shipping address in his profile inside wordpress dashboard?

This may be done already, but I don't see it happening on my site, maybe I messed up something. Please advise.

Thank you for reading my questions :slight_smile:

  • winning

    Is this "prior shipping info." stored in a different database table other than the core WP user's profile database table (user's profile has a shipping address field, too)?

    The reason I am asking is, my programer has changed the marketpress code to skip "shipping address entry form" in the MarkerPress checkout flow. In other words, my customers does not need to enter Shipping Address in Marketpress checkout flow, and does not ever see the shipping address form during checkout.

    So, I wonder, whether the shipping address asked by MarketPress is different from the Shipping Address in the Wordpress user's profile's shipping address.

    I tried the following experiment:
    1. make sure a user has all the shipping and billing address filled in in his User's Profile inside WP dashboard
    2. log in as this use to check out throught MarketPress (PayPal sandbox), using the modified code - skipping the shipping address entry step in marketpress.
    3. I checked the "manage orders" in MaketPress Product admin, and the shipping address of this order is empty.

    Please advise if both "shipping address" (in MarketPress and in WP user's profile) are the same things or different things.

    The whole reason behind this complicated story is: I force all new uses to enter billing & shipping address when they register as a new user (custom registration form), and when they check out with marketpress, they do not need to deal with address any more, but I hope/wish MarketPress is still able to get the shipping address from their user's profile and store the address in "manage order" menu of Product/MarketPress.

    If MarketPress uses it's own table to store this shipping address seperately, my plan above will not work at all.

    Please advise. Thanks :slight_smile:

  • Mason


    I understand the scenario you're looking to get here. We did something similar for a site which required age verification with addresses here in the states. By default MarketPress stores the address information in the wp_orders table. You'd have to write a custom module to have MarketPress pull the info from the profile fields into the shipping info.

    Als WordPress doesn't include an 'address' field for profiles by default, this really does fall into custom territory.