Shipping by Region - Option to add your own

I can't believe that Marketpress is missing one of the most basic and probably most needed shipping methods i.e shipping via regions.

At least add the option to put in our own regions instead of just selecting already input countries...that will do the job.

For example, at our end...same city rates differ from rest of the country. With the current method where I can just put in the country, either I overcharge within city or undercharge everyone else.

All that is needed is the option to add my own region...and then specify the shipping for that. I am quite sure it is not that hard to allow naming your own regions. It is exactly the same mechanism as adding multiple countries..only difference is you let me name the region myself.

Right now the majority of the people get stuck at this point and do not want to use Marketpress because of it.

Please tell me there is a workaround for such a basic option.