shipping fee in a different currency and payment method

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Please advise me how to split shipping fee and normal product fee. I’d like to make people pay shipping fee by actual money while pay product fee by points they gained on the site. Thanks a lot!

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    I’m afraid that wouldn’t really be possible with MarketPress at this point, apart from custom development. Basically, it would require a custom gateway that could split costs between points (CubePoints I’m assuming) and actual money.

    I’m sure it’s possible, MarketPress just doesn’t have a split gateway like that at this point.

    If you’re comfortable with a bit of development, you could take a look at the CubePoints gateway code as well as the PayPal (assuming you’re intending to use PayPal) gateway code and work out a way to combine the two for a split payment of the shipping.

    Hope this helps!


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    Thanks for your reply David.

    Yes, you are right that I’m using Cubepoints for products payment and Paypal for shipping fee payment. As I’m not quite familliar with paypal gateway, could you please advise me how to set the amount to pay by Paypal to the shipping fee instead of the whole order fee?

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