Shipping Options - Fix Yet?!!!

I have been scanning through all the forums, and via google for weeks now, and this seems to be a constant thread, that also seems to be constantly saying "we're working on this, as it's a huge request", but I'm not seeing a solution yet. Am I missing something? I need multiple shipping options. Specifically: 1. "Pick-up" Free; 2. "Delivery" - (ideally this would add a drop down menu to select 1 of 28 locations for drop-off) also Free; 3. Calculated shipping for either UPS or USPS. If this is not built in, is there an "Add-On" or can someone direct me to a current plugin. All the ones I seem to be finding info on in the forums are no longer active. Note what's interesting to me is that this Feature, that is common in other eCommerce products, has been being requested for a couple of years, but there doesn't seem to be a solution yet. Any help in guiding me to the right place (besides posting a job request) is much appreciated.

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    Thanks for the reply looking forward to update. I didn't see the "Pickup" option before. Where in the code would I find the "Pickup" stuff?

    I'm wondering if I could use that piece of script to modify and add the "delivery" option?

    So if you can point me to where that is located, and how it's registered to show on those options, I can then use that as the base to add the "Delivery" option.

    Thanks again.

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