Shipping page removal

I disabled Shipping, but still if I buy checkout, I am being redirected to shipping. How do I remove this.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey edse83!

    The shipping page is required for visitors to be able to receive the goods you are selling.

    Are you selling digital goods through your store? If so, there should be an update to MarketPress in the near future that adds support for digital downloads so this should solve your issue.

    Hopefully that answers your question!


  • edse83
    • New Recruit

    Thanks Phil

    I'll think I will have to wait for an update. I had cart66, I liked it before, but now Im having to much trouble. I can see I add shortcode to list products.

    I want to add a add to cart button con a page. I dont want any other info, price, etc. Is there a shortcode to do this?

  • edse83
    • New Recruit

    Hi Phil
    Thanks for the quick repsonse

    What I meant is, let's say I have:

    On this post/page I have some info, images, videos, etc, what I want to do is to have a "Add to Cart" button at the end of that specific page/post. Once a person hits that button it justs sends them directly to the Shopping Cart with the product they selected.

    Is there a shortcode or something that might work?
    I understand there is a shortcode for displaying lists of products for specific categories. I could create a product with an exclusive shortcode. But then again, I only want the button without the description.


  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings mborin,

    Sorry for the delay in a reply.

    I came across this ticket while doing house keeping in the back end of the ticket system and found it.

    You did not receive a reply to this over a year old ticket because the support rep monitoring it is no longer with WPMU Dev, if I had not have stumbled across it you may have never gotten a response.

    Therefore, to make sure you are taken care of properly please create a new ticket and feel free to copy and paste any relevant information from this ticket into the new ticket so that your issue may be properly addressed by the current support team.

    Cheers, Joe

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