Shop in subdomain or not?

Hi there, I read the article about the number of plugins on a WP site, and that quality of coding is more important than quantity of plugins. Nevertheless I ask myself: I have 38 active plugins on my main site and I'd like to import my existing webshop, with WooCommerce and another 39 shop-related plugins. What should your advice be, assuming that the quality of all plugins is sufficient?

I'd like to have all on the main site, but perhaps it's better to put the shop in a separate install on a subdomain?

Thx for thinking along with me!

  • Matthew
    • Just Being Me

    Wow O.O that my friend Ronald is a pretty pile of plugs, what type of eCommerce solution are you using that needs so many plugins? Are you using multisite? If so all those additional 39 plugs will need to be installed on the main site too, I think. Wow, that’s a lot of plugins, wait I said that already, but still that’s a pile of plugs. It makes it easier to have them all available if you have a comfortable eCommerce setup, using multisite setting up the next store will be that much easier for you so that’s a route to consider.

    There are some articles here in our community about it, check these out:

  • Huberson
    • Recruit

    Hello Ronald

    If the main site is a multisite where the the store site with 39 plugins will be imported, it should still work fine with decent server resources(512MB-1GB PHP/WordPress memory, CPU..).

    Though having 77 plugins activate(mostly on a single site) can really affect performance since it means more database queries for some and more HTTP requests.

    If you have the options to keep them on separate WordPress install it’s a better option in terms of performance(less queries/request), and make management easier since there’s less plugins to worry about.

    This also reduce the possibility of plugins conflict, as well as chance to have vulnerable plugins that can affect the site security.

    If having the shop site in the main site is a priority, it can work with good server performance. But as it’s said, less is better when it comes to plugins.



  • Ronald
    • The Crimson Coder

    Thx, matthew and Huberson for replying!

    I doublechecked, there are 20 WooCommerce related plugins. A few very small (for example to let visitors change the look of a category-page from grid to list, or to change order numbers in the admin side). Nevertheless they all are plugins…

    And I want to add a few more functions to the store, so I guess will end up with some 25 WC related plugins…

    My server has 2 CPU cores and I have 2048 MB of memory.

    I’ll let your replies sink a little bit and decide later this week.


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Ronald!

    2-core/2GB server should in theory handle that, even more. But that’s the theory. As you said “quality over quantity” but while that sounds perfectly fine, it is actually much more tricky. For example, two perfectly fine plugins that work great on separate setups might suddenly start conflicting (even though their code is quite well optimized) when put on the same site. Furthermore, that might be happening only e.g. on certain servers or even depend on certain options being set on your site. Which, in turn, might result in an unexpected and hard to diagnose performance drop. It may happen, it may not happen…

    Now, a valid question would be how to predict that and/or how to avoid that. Sadly, there’s no straight answer to that. My point is: I’d take the responses that you already received above into account but if you decide to go for “putting it all together” solution, it would be best to first do a test on the same server:

    – make a copy of the site you’re going to merge the other site to

    – do the “merge” on that copied site

    – test, test, test

    and only if you can confirm there that the performance and stability is reasonable, then repeat that with a “real” (live” site).

    Have a nice day!


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