Shopping cart for services?

Lets say have 3 services, websites, apps & seo. Each of those 3 services have 3 different prices or levels. So if anyone buys any one of the 3 app services that would get a confirmation email relevant to the app service that just purchased.

However, if they order one of the 3 seo services then they would need to recieve and different confirmation email.

When they buy a service there is a setup fee and a recurring monthly fee which is easy to do with woocommerce or paid membership pro, just not sure about setting different confirmation emails for each group of services.

Also I need to connect to Tried the woocommerce subscriptions plugin but that only works with paypal & stripe so will try paidmembership pro and see how that works.

Haven’t used the membership plugin from wpmudev, seems like the last time I checked I couldn’t connect with anyways.

Any suggestions on selling services, with product or even category specific confirmation emails and works with